How to upgrade Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS

Justin Leroux April 17, 2014

Because Ubuntu 12.04 is a Long Term Support release, meaning that it is supported with bug fixes and security updates for 5 years, you won’t find a popup telling you that a new version is available to install, at least not yet. Canonical will not start notify LTS desktop users of an update until July, when the first… Continue Reading »


Official Ubuntu 14.04 ‘Tahr’ T-Shirts Now Available

Justin Leroux April 16, 2014

There is something deep inside the awesome of a Linux user that makes us want to scream out to all the world, that we use Linux. Canonical has added a new T-shirt design to their store for this very reason. Emblazoned with a bright orange bearded Tahr emblem in the centre, the light-grey t-shirts are… Continue Reading »


How to Install Microsoft Office on Linux

Justin Leroux April 15, 2014

Linux users can use LibreOffice, Google Docs, and even Microsoft’s Office Web Apps, but some people still need — or just want — the desktop version of Microsoft Office. Luckily, there are ways to run Microsoft Office on Linux. This is particularly useful if you’re still on the unsupported Windows XP and don’t want to… Continue Reading »


How to Add users in the Commandline – Ubuntu Server

Justin Leroux April 14, 2014

useradd The useradd command will let you add a new user easily from the command line:

This command adds the user, but without any extra options your user won’t have a password or a home directory. You can use the -d option to set the home directory for the user. The -m option will… Continue Reading »


How to enable a progress bar in Ubuntu Terminal

Justin Leroux April 11, 2014

Ubuntu is one of the most popular operating systems in the world, but few know that Ubuntu is based on another operating system called Debian. Debian uses a tool called APT to download and install programmes. For example if you wanted to install Firefox you would simply type sudo apt-get install firefox and this would… Continue Reading »

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